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20+ Machine Learning & Deep Learning algorithms

We transform production and customer data through predictive learning, using up to 20 Machine Learning & Deep Learning (Neural Networks) algorithms.

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Problems & solutions

Our visualization tools help you to focus on your core business and take the right decisions.

With the help of DatumIA™ platform, our scientists link the data in order to build a solid data storage for your use-case.
We use state-of-the-art software and algorithms to complete your sets and remove abnormal data.

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Data Quality for All, in 4 key steps

Import & Normalization, Transformation, Cleansing & Polishing, Completion & Data Lineage

From the simplest linear regression to the advanced techniques of Transfer Learning and Autoencoder, and with the power of Spark, our expert application will give you the best of Deep Learning Engineering.


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Strategy & Use Case

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Almahdi Remmal
Data Scientist

AI & Deep Learning